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April 9, 2007

Can You Eat at a Restaurant When You’re on a Diet?

How Restaurants Affect Your Diet

Going out to eat when on a diet is a major challenge. This requires careful consideration when ordering from the menu. Another major challenge is dealing with the traditional three courses, appetizer, lunch, and dessert. The appetizer alone may be enough to put you off your diet. This article will show you a clever way to eat in your favorite restaurants while on a diet.

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April 2, 2007

The Important Role Water Plays In Weight Loss

Weight Loss is Unattainable without Proper Hydration

Many of us spend an unbelievable amount of time in search of the perfect diet to aid with weight loss, but we tend to neglect other important issues in our diet. We all know how healthy water is for our bodies. Water acts as a natural detoxifier. It helps us to purge impurities from the body and helps to keep our skin clear. Yet so many of us don’t even know how much water we drink each day. And not surprisingly many of us simply don’t drink enough water. As a result, we sometimes never experience the weight loss we desire.

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