A Crash Course in Crash Diets

Why Crash Diets are Dangerous

Crash diets are very tempting. When you’ve eaten too much on vacation or during the holidays and have an important function coming up, crash diets can become quite hard to resist. However, the risk may not be worth the lost weight.

Face The Facts

Let’s face it -- crash diets really don’t work, and deep down inside most of us know that. Sure, they may work at first, but they can have undesirable, and possibly even deadly consequences. Crash dieting can have a negative impact on your health and deplete levels of essential nutrients that your body needs and relies on. You also risk becoming dehydrated when embarking on a crash diet. Worse yet, if you follow a crash diet over a long period of time, you actually increase your risk of osteoporosis due to inadequate calcium consumption. Some studies have even shown crash dieting can contribute to gallstones, a painful problem that is certainly not worth the trade-off of losing a few pounds.

Not All Things Are Replaceable

Another danger of crash diets is organ damage. If your calories are severely restricted, your organs cannot get the nutrients that they need. In addition to organ damage such as kidney and liver failure, other risks include heart attack or stroke. Potassium and sodium deficiencies are two of the biggest concerns with crash dieting. Irritability and depression are also likely side effects. And even if you do survive your crash diet regimen, you will certainly make life miserable for your roommates or family.

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Crash diets are really not a long-term weight loss solution. The weight you lose at first, although it seems like a lot, is actually water loss and not fat. In the long run, you won’t be able to sustain the weight loss and the water weight will come back.

There are healthier ways to lose weight including moderate calorie reduction coupled with daily exercise. Your exercise routine doesn’t even have to be vigorous. Incorporating walking into your daily rituals can be just as beneficial. Do yourself a favor -- avoid destroying your health and avoid crash diets.

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