Advice for Dieters This Holiday Season

Dieters Should Get More Exercise During December

Thanksgiving is a holiday that many people look forward, with dieters being the exception. If you are like many Americans, you probably overindulged on Thursday and maybe even the entire weekend as you were enjoying all the Thanksgiving leftovers. If it sounds a bit too familiar, there are some steps you'll want to take to counteract your overindulgence.

Work a Bit Harder

Consider increasing your usual exercise routine between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The holidays are a particularly stressful time for dieters because there are many tempting foods and high-calorie beverages to enjoy. Combine that with the fact that many Americans travel during the holiday season, and the pounds can quickly add up. Traveling a considerable distance by car can, oddly enough, make individuals tired. After riding in a car for several hours (seated), their impulse is to then lie down and sleep. This sedentary tendency during the holidays can be a downfall for many dieters.

If you currently exercise three days a week, add another day or two of exercise. If you already exercise five days a week, try to do a morning and evening workout two days a week. Try to increase your daily activity a bit in anticipation of the changes that will occur around your home during the holidays. The added exercise can help you avoid unnecessary weight gain during the holidays. Dieters should find some extra time in their day to exercise. Perhaps, you can exercise during your lunch hour. You can also try to get one of your exercise sessions to be outdoors if the weather permits.

Every Bit Helps

Any amount of exercise will help offset the hectic lifestyle changes that occur during the holiday season. Even just five to ten minutes of calisthenics such as push ups and sit ups can make a difference for dieters.

Come up with a plan to get more exercise into your daily routine from now until Christmas. Dieters who neglect to get enough exercise will be disheartened by Christmas time when they experience a bulging waistline, so keep the above advice in mind this holiday season.

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