Avoiding Winter Weight Gain

How to Stay Fit and Avoid Winter Weight Gain This Year

With the winter season approaching, it is even more important to maintain daily exercise to avoid the dreaded winter weight gain. During the wintertime, many people gain weight due to less activity. Once Daylight Savings begins and the days get shorter, it gets much harder to maintain a good exercise routine. Here are some tips for avoiding the seemingly unavoidable winter weight gain dilemma.

Assessing Your Options

Once the cold weather begins it is much more difficult to get plenty of exercise. If you don’t have a gym membership, you will probably have a limited range of options to get exercise. In the summer it is relatively easy to exercise because there are so many physical activities to do when it is warm outside. It is so easy to go for a run or ride your bike when it is warm outside. Icy or wet roads during the winter months can make running and biking unsafe. Even though you will want to avoid winter weight gain, don’t get careless. You should still try to avoid injuries too. An injury can set you back for months if you are unable to exercise because of it. An injury can easily lead to unwanted weight gain.

Do It Indoors

Take your exercise indoors in the winter months. Modifying your exercise routine during December, January, and February can allow you to get enough physical activity to avoid winter weight gain. Join a gym if it will keep you focused and provide you with a convenient opportunity to exercise. Some gyms even have an indoor pool which can provide you with an additional option for exercise. Keeping your exercise routine varied can allow you to stay focused and avoid winter weight gain.

You can still enjoy outdoor activities during the winter months and avoid injury at the same time. Don’t run if the roads are wet or icy. Stick with physical activities that are suited for the winter months such as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. By modifying your exercise routine during the winter months you should be able to avoid winter weight gain.

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