Can Skipping Breakfast Cause Weight Gain?

Skipping Breakfast is Never a Good Idea

It’s seems almost redundant to address this issue, but skipping breakfast can be a dieter’s worst choice. Health experts have long contended that skipping breakfast is not a good idea, but many individuals, including dieters, just don’t heed this valuable advice.

Now Or Later?

Skipping breakfast is bad for a variety of reasons. Breakfast literally means “breaking the fast” which refers to the fact that you haven’t eaten all night while you were sleeping. Nutrition experts have discovered that dieters skipping breakfast will be more likely to overeat the rest of the day.

It's Not The Corner To Cut

It can be tempting for dieters to look for ways to reduce their caloric intake, and skipping breakfast can seem like a good way to achieve that. However, skipping breakfast is detrimental overall for your health and reduces the chances of success on your diet. Skipping breakfast also has a negative impact on your blood glucose levels.

Healthier Alternatives To Skipping Breakfast

Instead of skipping breakfast just look for lower calorie, healthier options when you are planning what to eat for breakfast. If you enjoy bacon or sausage, you can eat it but just not every day. Limit such high-calorie foods to once per week. On other days, you can opt for vegetarian sausage and bacon which are meat-free. They are made mostly of soy and have fewer calories and fat. Opt for skim milk or rice or soy milk on your morning cereal in order to cut some calories. Studies have shown that if you eat breakfast your cravings will be kept at bay the rest of the day.

Individuals who skip breakfast are likely to binge later on junk foods. Many people skip breakfast because it isn’t convenient for them to eat. If you’re a chronic breakfast skipper, set your alarm clock for twenty minutes earlier than usual. Go ahead and get yourself ready the night before. Decide what you want to eat for breakfast the next day and prepare as much as you can the night before. Perhaps you can put out silverware, a napkin, and nonperishable items. Put cereal into a plastic storage container with a tight-fitting lid, and in the morning, just grab milk to pour over it. Being prepared can help you to avoid skipping breakfast.

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