Can You Eat at a Restaurant When You’re on a Diet?

How Restaurants Affect Your Diet

Going out to eat when on a diet is a major challenge. This requires careful consideration when ordering from the menu. Another major challenge is dealing with the traditional three courses, appetizer, lunch, and dessert. The appetizer alone may be enough to put you off your diet. This article will show you a clever way to eat in your favorite restaurants while on a diet.

Managing Your Intake

Enjoying all three courses is the pleasure of going out to eat. However, the difficulty is that restaurants provide massive portions for entrees. They do this for several reasons. One of them is so that they could charge more for the entrÈe because it is so large. Another reason is that the restaurant does not want to display a “cheap” image by providing small portions. The bad news is that individuals who are on a diet have a difficult time when trying to eat out.

When you’re on a diet, you’re left will only a few options. One of them is to eat the entrÈe and nothing else. Most likely, that will put you over your planned calories consumption for that meal anyway, and some restaurant entrees can quickly take up your entire daily caloric intake. Another option is to order an appetizer, entree, and dessert, but only consume a few spoonfuls of each and take the rest home.

Assuming you are going out to eat with another person, you could split an appetizer, entree, and dessert. This doesn’t mean that you must sit over each other and eat off the same plate. Simply ask the server for an additional plate with each course. Most likely, they will gladly provide you with an extra plate. When you’re on a diet, splitting your meal can help with keeping your calories to a reasonable amount.

The only drawback to this approach is that you have to agree upon the same menu choices. But the benefits of reducing your calorie consumption far outweigh the drawbacks. Also splitting an appetizer, entrÈe, and dessert probably will put you over your calories for that meal on most diets. However, you will not be over your calories by that much, and you’ll still get to enjoy the experience of eating out while on a diet.

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