Can You Enjoy Juice on a Diet?

Juice is Not a Diet Enemy

If you’re on a diet, you might be wondering whether or not fruit juice is a good option or what type of juice you should be consuming. Contrary to what some have heard, while it’s true that fruit juice has more calories than many dieters realize, it can still be a healthy option for satisfying a sweet tooth when you’re on a diet.

Always Go Fresh

When it comes to fruit juice, fresh juice is really your best option. You get more out of your calories when you drink fresh juice, and when you’re on a diet it’s important to get the most out of your calories. Apple juice fresh from your juicer tastes incredibly satisfying and filling.

Watch That Sugar

Make sure you stay away from bottled juice products that contain sugar. It is very important to read labels. Many bottled products that are supposed to be juice actually might only contain 10% juice. If you don’t read the label you’ll never know.

Cocktail vs. Straight Juice

Cranberry juice is incredibly popular, but many people don’t realize that you should purchase cranberry juice rather than cranberry juice cocktail, which usually contains sugar.

If you can’t tolerate straight cranberry juice, water it down. If that still doesn’t please your palate, purchase a cranberry juice that is sweetened with other juices rather than sugar.

Vegetable Is Better

If you like fruit juice, then you should definitely try some vegetable juice as well. Even if you don’t really like V8, you can make your own vegetable juice at home with your juicer. This will enable you to include veggies that you like (and throw some fruit in to the mix if you really can’t stand vegetables alone). Apple carrot juice is an increasingly-popular health food item.

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