Can You Gain Weight Just Looking At Food?

You Can Gain Weight Without Even Taking A Bite

My mother swears she gains a pound every time she just looks at a brownie. We used to laugh at her when she’d say that -- now it seems as though she may have been telling the truth. Think it’s impossible for people to gain weight just by looking at food? Guess again. Studies show it’s not just possible, it’s been scientifically proven!

How Unfair Is This?

You’re hungry -- famished actually -- and you spy a delectable pot roast with gravy-laden mashed potatoes. You’re being a good little dieter and you don’t take a single bite. How much good is it doing your diet? It may actually be doing more harm. If you look at mouthwatering food while hungry, your might start packing on the pounds without consuming a single calorie.

A Matter of Nature Working Against Us

Yale University recently conducted a very interesting study. They checked the insulin levels of hungry people who were exposed to the sight, smell and even just the thought of char-broiled steaks. Without even taking a single bite, these people’s insulin levels skyrocketed and their body’s started converting glucose into fat. What does this mean? Without taking a single bite of food, these people started gaining weight.

How To Fight It

First and foremost, if you’re hungry, eat. Now this doesn’t mean you have to consume high-fat, high-calorie foods. You can simply eat high-fiber, low-calorie snacks to keep your hunger under control.

If you’re not hungry when you come across a tantalizing food, your body will be less likely to have the above-mentioned reaction and you won’t gain weight without even eating.

Also make sure you avoid all-you-can-eat buffets since the sensory overload may increase your body’s chances of turning glucose into fat before you even start eating.

It may seem like your body’s out to get you, but with some self control and a bit of knowledge, you can beat it at its own game.

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