Christmas Cookies Can Be Hard to Resist

Ideas for Dealing with All Those Christmas Cookies When You’re on a Diet

Christmas is upon us, and if you’re trying to stick to your diet goals at this time of year, it can definitely be hard. Christmas presents many challenges for those of us on a diet, and one obstacle definitely has to be Christmas cookies! Here are some tips for dealing with the Christmas cookie dilemma.

Who Doesn't Love Christmas Cookies?

Christmas cookies taste great and often have a bit of nostalgia associated with them. Christmas cookies are hard to resist. It is difficult to eat one and not be reminded of your mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies or your Aunt Julie’s homemade poppyseed roll. Christmas cookies and treats are definitely the ultimate comfort food.

You're Being Assaulted With Them

Another issue that presents itself is all the offers you receive for Christmas cookies. Between work, church, and your neighbors, you might receive multiple tins filled to the brim with tempting Christmas cookies. Christmas is definitely not the season to make a statement about your dieting. If you are offered Christmas cookies and you are on a diet, it’s a good idea to politely accept them.

Some Helpful Ideas

You might be wondering just what you are supposed to do with all those Christmas cookies. Well, you could freeze some and keep them on hand for when you are in the mood for a dessert but don’t feel like making anything or when you have company coming. If you are scheduled to have a holiday dinner at a friend or relative’s house, take along the extra Christmas cookies along this year.

Next year, if you want to avoid the temptation of receiving dozens of Christmas cookies, why not become the baker? Many people love to bake but hardly sample anything they make. If you establish yourself as the person who can always be relied on for a tin of delicious cookies, you will likely stop receiving too many cookies. Plus, baking is hard work. After just a half day in the kitchen you will likely be exhausted. That will certainly help you burn some extra calories during the Christmas season.

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