Diet and Dessert Can Go Hand In Hand

You Can Have Dessert while on a Diet!

If you are on a diet, you might be wondering whether or not you can have dessert. The answer is an encouraging yes! Individuals on a diet can still enjoy dessert once in a while. If you're wondering exactly how the two can mix, we've got the answers.

Diet Desserts Can Be Delicious

Now, you might be wondering what type of desserts you can have when you are on a diet. Relax, the dessert options for dieters are not as bad as you might imagine. There are many tasty, yet low-calorie alternatives that you can have while you are on a diet.

Low-Cal Frozen Goodies

You can make your own low-calorie ice cream sandwiches by using two chocolate graham crackers and spreading sugar-free frozen whipped topping between them. Wrap them in plastic wrap and place in the freezer for eight hours before eating. Sugar-free boxed puddings are also a great option. You can create your own tropical-flavored popsicles that are low in calories by filling 3-ounce paper cups with your choice of Crystal Light drink and covering the top of the cup with aluminum foil and inserting a wooden stick. Make sure you freeze them thoroughly before enjoying.

Alternatives to Ice Cream

There are literally endless dessert possibilities that you can enjoy when you are on a diet. It’s a good idea to avoid ice cream when you are on a diet because it is so high in calories. Frozen yogurt and sorbet are good alternatives. Sorbet is low in calories and comes in a variety of flavors, and frozen yogurt often comes in more interesting flavors than ice cream. Most ice cream shops offer a sorbet or low-fat or sugar-free ice cream option, so you can still enjoy going out for ice cream with your family and don’t have to sit with nothing to eat. Many ice cream shops also sell frozen bananas dipped in chocolate, and they are just as easy to make at home.

Try some of the above suggestions so that you can enjoy dessert while on a diet.

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