June 9, 2007

Can the U.K. Mandate a Child to Lose Weight?

Lose Weight or Else!

A motivation to lose weight has recently made headlines in the U.K. There is no doubt about it that the story of Connor McCreaddie is a very sad story. He is in the third grade and weighs close to 200 pounds. Not too many elementary-school students weigh that much, but according to Connor McCreaddie’s mom she has been trying to help her on lose weight. But should social services take him away if she can’t succeed? That’s what they’re threatening…

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March 12, 2007

Dieting and Hollywood

Not All Celebrities are Overly Concerned with Dieting

Kate Winslet recently won a settlement for damages caused by a magazine claiming that she visited a doctor for dieting advice. Many people have wondered whether it was a bit extreme for Kate to sue the magazine over something as seemingly benign as the topic of dieting advice. However, when you consider how the media stalks Hollywood celebrities and how celebrities are the role models for today's young girls, Kate may very well have been within her rights.

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November 18, 2006

How Will Dieters Be Affected by a Ban on Trans Fats in Restaurants?

Proposed Ban Will Affect Restaurant Owners More Than Dieters

A lot of recent headlines that are of importance to dieters have been occurring in New York. The New York Board of Health recently put forth a proposal to ban restaurants from selling foods containing trans fats. Undoubtedly, dieters and the all consumers have strong opinions on both sides of this issue.

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Dieters Will Benefit from New York Proposal

Clearly Labeled Menus Will Help Dieters and All Consumers

A new request by the New York City Board of Health might impact consumers -- including all dieters. The New York City Board of Health is currently considering whether or not they should require restaurants in New York City to list calorie information on both menus and the menu boards that fast food restaurants display. What does that mean for consumers?

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