Diet Quality Can Be Measured by a Urinary Potassium Test

Potassium Levels are a Good Indicator of Diet Quality

A new test may enable physicians to better monitor diet quality for their patients. A urine test that measures potassium has the potential to be a very beneficial tool for physicians. Patients who have specific health concerns will certainly benefit from a urine test for potassium but dieters can benefit too. Having an objective measure of diet quality can ensure dieters are successful.

Are Your Efforts in Vain?

Dieters cannot be successful with their dieting efforts if they do not get the proper amount and proportions of nutrients. Many times dieters unnecessarily restrict their nutrient intake too much quite possibly because they don’t know enough about how much protein, carbohydrates, and fat they should be consuming. As a result, their diet quality suffers.

Researchers at the Prosserman Center for Health Research in Toronto are responsible for this finding related to urinary potassium. They evaluated if urine potassium levels were a good indicator of diet quality. Increases in urine potassium were associated with an increase in diet quality. Decreased body mass index, blood pressure, and heart rate were also associated with an increase in urinary potassium.

A Vicious Cycle

Many dieters are too restrictive in their approach to dieting. They overeat and gain weight over a period of time and then eventually get frustrated with their weight gain. This frustration causes them to hastily crash diet which can lead to nutritional deficiencies as they too severely restrict their calorie intake. Diet quality is compromised by this approach.

Enlist Help

If you are struggling with dieting and need more information about how to diet properly, speak with your physician. You might want to request a potassium urine test to determine what, if any, modifications you will need to make to your diet. A urinary potassium test can monitor your diet quality.

Dieting can take dedication and careful planning. If you can make sure that you are getting the proper nutrients even when you are dieting, you will be more successful with your diet. A potassium urine test can help your doctor determine if your diet quality is at an optimum level and thereby increase your chances of success when dieting.

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