Dieters are Dialing Up Success

How Technology Can Help Dieters Reach Their Weight Loss Goals

Dieters have an array of new dieting allies thanks to technology. One new way for dieters to lose weight involves the use of cell phones. You’re probably curious just how cell phones can help dieters lose weight, right? Read more to find out!

Picture This

Camera cell phones allow dieters to take a picture of what they are eating and get instant advice about weight loss. Sprint has a service called which staffs nutrition advisors to evaluate the pictures they receive from dieters. The concept of uploading pictures and receiving dieting advice is referred to as cellular dieting. For many dieters, it is a useful tool.

Fabulous or "Fad"ulous?

It might seems like a fad, but cellular dieting has the potential to be a very popular way to diet well into the future. You have to take into consideration how integral cell phones are in many individuals’ life. If they can use their cell phone to accomplish multiple important tasks such as getting diet advice, individuals will be eager to do that.

The Wow Factor

The cellular dieting trend is actually surprisingly accurate. A nutrition adviser can simply view the contents of the food dieters are eating and give stunningly accurate information about how healthy the food is.

The cellular diet works because it fills a niche. Some invididuals are so busy, and cellular dieting provides them with instant and reliable feedback. Almost any diet will work for a certain group of individuals. When it comes to dieting, a good diet is any diet that keeps you motivated and helps you reach your weight loss goals.

The Long-Term

It would be interesting to see the results of future studies involving cellular dieting. It's interesting to speculate whether or not a nutrition advisor can discern the difference between a picture of vegetable lasagna made with whole milk cheese or skim cheese. As of yet, the reviews for cellular dieting are pretty favorable, and most dieters are sharp enough to realize that once they find a diet that works they should stick with it.

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