Dieters Can Benefit from Weightlifting

Resistance Training Helps Dieters Build Bone Mass

Dieters who are serious about losing weight should definitely consider adding resistance training such as weightlifting to their weekly exercise regimen. No doubt, it’s certainly important to get plenty of cardiovascular exercise each week, but resistance training can be very beneficial in helping dieters meet their weight loss goals.

Bone Density Issues

There is one other reason resistance training such as weightlifting is particularly important for dieters. Dieters who don’t exercise are at a greater risk for osteoporosis. Dieting can take a toll on your body, so you definitely want to do everything possible to build bone density. Weightlifting helps to build muscle mass which will decrease your risk of osteoporosis.

Easier Than You Think

Incorporating weightlifting into your weekly exercise routine doesn’t need to be that hard. Even lifting weights for just twenty minutes two days a week can be a great benefit for dieters. It’s not even necessary to have an expensive gym membership or a home gym in order to take advantage of weightlifting.

If you’ve never lifted weights before, you might want to purchase a 2-pound set of dumbbells and a 5-pound set of dumbbells. You can focus on doing three sets consisting of 10 repetitions each of basic movements that will work your shoulders, biceps, and triceps. Don’t neglect your legs either. Squats and lunges are two great choices that will work your entire leg at once. If you need help coming up with a weightlifting routine, take a look at exercise magazines such as Shape for possible routines.

It's Not A Substitute For Cardio

Any weightlifting you do should be done in addition to your regular cardiovascular activity and not as a substitute. The great thing about weightlifting for dieters is that it actually builds muscle mass which causes you to burn more calories while at rest, and that will help with your weight loss efforts.

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