Dieters Will Benefit from New York Proposal

Clearly Labeled Menus Will Help Dieters and All Consumers

A new request by the New York City Board of Health might impact consumers -- including all dieters. The New York City Board of Health is currently considering whether or not they should require restaurants in New York City to list calorie information on both menus and the menu boards that fast food restaurants display. What does that mean for consumers?

Watching The Calories

Dieters are generally overly aware of the amount of calories that a particular item of food contains. It is no secret that a large fast food hamburger and fries can quickly eat up all of your recommended calories for the entire day. Relying on fast food too frequently can quickly lead to weight gain if you aren’t careful.

Dieters will certainly agree that if restaurant menus listed calorie content and other nutritional information it would help consumers greatly. Some restaurants fear this information might hurt business because it will discourage consumers from eating out. Their protests are quite possibly valid. It is almost difficult to believe this, but many consumers are hardly aware of the calories they consume particularly when they eat out. Having that information staring back at them from a restaurant menu might alter their food choices. But should we put the health of consumers first, or the pocketbooks of the fast food industry?

Dieters Have a Right to Know

Most consumers would benefit greatly from having easy access to nutrition information of the foods they are considering ordering. Dieters would benefit too, although most dieters go to great lengths anyway to know all they can about the nutritional information of many foods.

New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene favors restaurants being required to reveal calorie information because they feel it will help to address our nation’s problem with obesity. The new recommendations would only affect a percentage of New York’s restaurants. We will likely know more in the upcoming weeks about how soon, if at all, these recommended changes will be implemented.

It is expected that such changes will result in consumers making healthier choices, but we already know that most dieters are capable of making those healthy choices regardless of how conveniently nutritional information is made available.

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