Dieting and Hollywood

Not All Celebrities are Overly Concerned with Dieting

Kate Winslet recently won a settlement for damages caused by a magazine claiming that she visited a doctor for dieting advice. Many people have wondered whether it was a bit extreme for Kate to sue the magazine over something as seemingly benign as the topic of dieting advice. However, when you consider how the media stalks Hollywood celebrities and how celebrities are the role models for today's young girls, Kate may very well have been within her rights.

It's a Matter of Principle

I have to say that Winslet’s actions seem completely reasonable. Winslet has been very outspoken against Hollywood’s obsession with dieting and extreme weight loss. Winslet has also admitted to liking her curves. If Winslet had done nothing, many readers would have probably believed the article, which would have made Winslet look very hypocritical.

Obviously, there is a time in our lives when many of us need to diet, and there is nothing wrong with that. Dieting can allow us to fit into that dress for our reunion or it can do something even more important such as allowing us to live healthier and longer lives. But when we're accused of doing something we didn't, that's an entirely different story.

It is refreshing to see that Winslet is not overly concerned about dieting especially considering the fact that she is an industry that is obsessed with looks. Winslet is right to be concerned. There are many health risks associated with extreme dieting, and no amount of weight loss is worth that trade off. By taking a stand, Winslet is making a statement for girls across the nation.

What's She So Against?

Why does Kate Winslet hate extreme dieting? The answers are numerous, and they are all well-founded.

Extreme dieting can cause electrolyte imbalances. Being deficient in an important mineral such as potassium can affect heart function. Bone loss can also result from extreme dieting, especially for women.

It’s important to be realistic when it comes to weight loss. When you’re on a diet, there is an upper limit to the amount of weight you can lose each week. The amount of weight you lose in the beginning usually seems big, but that is mostly because you have more to lose. As you get closer and closer to your goal weight, the amount of weight you lose per week of dieting will decrease.

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