Dieting During the Holidays

Why You Might Want to Abandon Your Dieting This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming and if you are dieting you might be worried about how the holiday will affect your dieting efforts. It is hard to escape a major holiday with your waistline intact especially when you are tempted with so many fresh and tasty seasonal foods. For sanity’s sake, you might want to consider abandoning your dieting for just one day.

Why Diet?

Dieting allows you to achieve the physique you want. Dieting enables you to shed those unwanted and unneeded pounds, but during the holidays dieting can be a major nuisance. It’s very hard to avoid the abundance of holiday food present at major celebrations, and it has nothing to do with peer pressure.

Yes, everyone else is eating and enjoying themselves, and of course, you are tempted to join in. Actually, though, dieting is difficult during the holidays because you undoubtedly have fond memories of many years of enjoying yourself at holiday celebrations. The food served at Thanksgiving is essentially comfort food. It is hard to turn down recipes that have been enjoyed by your family for generations and recipes that you have grown used to since your childhood.

Maybe It's Not the Right Time

You might want to consider abandoning your dieting efforts for Thanksgiving. Make sure that you follow your diet closely in the coming weeks, but on Thanksgiving you might just want to give yourself permission to indulge a bit. There is little sense in feeling deprived during Thanksgiving only to binge afterwards because you are remorseful of what you missed. Try to work in a long walk outdoors with visiting relatives or some form of physical activity to compensate.

There's A Time For Everything

Dieting can be a good thing and has definite payoffs when we reach our final goals, but dieting during Thanksgiving should be avoided if possible. Allow yourself permission to enjoy all the food that this holiday has to offer and postpone your dieting efforts for just a day.

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