Dieting Is Not Always Well-Received at the Holiday Table

What to Do If Your Dieting Success Puts You in an Awkward Situation This Holiday Season

If you’ve been dieting successfully for some time and reached your weight loss goals, you might be a source of amazement and confusion this holiday season. The holidays are often a time when distant family members get together to enjoy each others company and catch up on lost time. However, if you’ve reached your weight loss goals and show up to Christmas dinner weighing considerably less than you did last year, some of your relatives might not be able to hide their surprise at how successful your dieting has been. However, as great as you look, you may be facing some stress when it's time to gather round the holiday table.

You Have No Reason to be Uncomfortable

Dieting can be difficult enough as it is, but the one concealed difficulty of dieting is how it impacts social situations. When an individual loses weight, he or she can be inadvertently made to feel uncomfortable in some social situations. The funny thing is, you should be feeling absolutely amazing if you've lost weight. Even if you haven't lost as much weight as you would like, you have absolutely no reason to feel badly.

Unfortunately, not everybody is tactful. The holidays are a time where food is present and some all-too-forward family members may remind you that you need to watch what you eat if you want to keep your figure. Others may try to talk you into eating foods that you shouldn't, telling you that you don't need to worry as much about your weight any more (if only that were true...).

You will need to be tactful and courteous if you are faced with any unpleasant questions or comments. If a concerned relative comments that you are “wasting away” you will need to reassure that person that all is well. You can approach the situation in a number of ways but always try to be courteous. You could say, “Oh, I just had a check up at the doctor’s office, and he is glad that I reached the weight loss goal he set.” Usually it is helpful to be as brief but polite as possible and change the subject. Keep in mind that your dieting success might be not be as well received by everyone.

As a Last Resort, Fake It

If you are strongly encouraged to try a particular food, for the sake of maintaining the peace you might simply want to put a small portion on your plate. You can simply take one bite and mix it around. Once the conversation begins, no one will be worried anymore about what foods you are eating.

Hopefully, the above tips will be beneficial to you this Christmas season. The holidays can increase your stress levels more so if you are dieting, and you will certainly want to try your best to enjoy the holiday season.

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