DietSleuth Can Assist Dieters

What is DietSleuth?

DietSlueth - the name sounds intriguing and mysterious, doesn't it? But what exactly is DietSlueth? More importantly, is it something that can help you lose weight? For the answers to these, and other questions you may have about DietSleuth, read on...

A 20th-Century Diet Solution for a 20th Century Lifestyle

DietSleuth is an example of all the best that technology has to offer dieters. Many of us lead very busy lives, and dieting software such as DietSleuth can help us to keep track of what foods we are consuming.

Sometimes being successful on a diet comes down to accurate record keeping. It can be hard to remember what you ate after a very busy day, and keeping your dietary intake confined to one, easy software program can be a helpful step in helping you reach your weight loss goals.

DietSleuth provides users with the opportunity to see at a glance their caloric intake and how many fat grams and carbohydrates they have consumed. This will provide an easy comparison to FDA recommendations.

Free Trial - Cheap to Buy

A free demo version is available, and DietSleuth costs less than $35, which is proof that staying focused and tracking your diet efforts doesn’t have to be expensive. The cost will be nominal considering you will be saving on your food budget when following a proper diet. When you overeat, you are overspending too.

Let It Do The Work For You

Sometimes when we diet, we end up neglecting important nutrients, and having a software program like DietSleuth to help us visualize this is very important in making sure we stay healthy while dieting. The two most often overlooked areas are dairy and fiber intake. Dairy intake is very important so that the appropriate levels of calcium are consumed. Fiber is very important for proper digestion. Improving digestion will foster the weight loss process. Fiber can fill you up on fewer calories. It can curb your tendency to eat empty calorie foods.

Having a diet program such as DietSleuth can be incredibly helpful at this hectic time of year. During the holidays, many of us tend to over indulge and neglect our diets. DietSleuth can help keep dieters on track during the busiest time of the year.

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