Eating Fruit When You’re on a Diet

If You’re on a Diet, You Need to Know about Fruit

If you’re on a diet, you may be eating more fruit in an effort to incorporate more fiber in your diet, or you may rely on fruit for a low-calorie dessert option. Regardless of the reason, if you are eating more fruit as part of your diet, you need to know a little bit about what type of fruit you should eat.

Buy Organic When Possible

When buying fresh fruit, you should buy organic whenever it is available, but if not there are certain types of fruit that are more important to buy organic. They are peaches, apples, strawberries, cherries, grapes, nectarines, pears, and raspberries. Fruits like bananas are not as important to buy organic because of the hard outer layer.

It’s difficult to clean raspberries well so it is important to buy organic since the pesticide residue is hard to remove completely without mashing up the raspberries. Bananas are among the produce that has the least amount of pesticides. Therefore, it is not as harmful to buy conventional bananas. Some people on a diet shy away from fresh fruit because they feel it is too hard to prepare. You’ll be happy to know that a recent study at the University of California showed that cut fruit stored in the refrigerator does not lose much of its nutritional value. So, you can cut up fruit on Sunday and store it in a tightly covered container so you can have it handy during the week.

Watch the Syrup

If you are going to eat canned fruit, make sure that you avoid canned fruit containing heavy syrup. Many brands of fruit cocktail contain heavy syrup. This adds a lot of calories to an otherwise healthy food item, and if you are on a diet you will be wasting too many calories unnecessarily. Make sure you read labels carefully. Look for canned fruit that is packed in its own juices.

Opt For Frozen When Necessary

Frozen fruit can be a good choice when fresh fruit isn’t available. Perhaps, it is the middle of winter, but you are craving peaches. Opt for frozen peaches. Sure frozen peaches are more expensive than canned peaches, but they are tastier too and can be more satisfying than canned peaches. Feeling satisfied is important when you are on a diet because it curbs your cravings.

As you can see, there is really no fruit that is off limits when you are on a diet, but make sure you avoid canned fruit packed in heavy syrup and opt for organic whenever possible.

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