Exercise in The 21st Century

How Has Exercise Changed through the Years?

Exercise has changed over the years even though it seems difficult to believe. Many years ago people didn't exercise as they do today. Private gyms and fitness facilities were virtually unheard of. But that doesn’t mean people got no exercise. They just got a different type of exercise.

Our Feet Are No Longer Means of Transportation

Years ago, many people worked locally in the same towns where they lived. That meant they could walk to work. That provided them with a way to get daily exercise, but most people didn’t even think of it as exercise since the mega diet and exercise industry was not yet born. Some families didn't even have vehicles, and the families that did have a car usually only had one card for the whole entire family. Buses and trains were also a means of transportation, but people usually walked to the bus stop so there was always some degree of physical activity incorporated into each day.

Lifestyles Are Changing Early

Children, ironically, got much more physical activity than they do today even though there are now organized sports programs readily available for kids of all ages. Many children walked to school although some rode buses. Children played outside a lot too especially when they came home from school. This exercise was just part of their usual day. They were more active especially because many families did not own a television set, and there weren't computers for children to sit at. Computers are a big culprit in much of the inactivity that children experience today. Summertime was a field day for children. Most children spent the majority of their days outside getting a lot of physical activity.

Things Are Spreading Out

There used to be corner grocery stores too. People could walk to the corner store and get a bag of groceries than they carried their groceries home. It’s ironic that now fitness experts write articles suggesting that people can use two soup cans as “dumbbells” and perform some basic weightlifting moves. It’s nearly impossible to walk to a grocery store nowadays as enormous supermarkets separated by four-lane highways have taken over the landscape. Given the changes that have occurred in the last few generations, I applaud you if you manage to exercise at all. Keep up the good work and increase your level of exercise to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals, but congratulate yourself for doing something that is definitely not as easy as it once was.

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