Food Substitutions When You’re on a Diet

Revamp Your Diet by Trying Lower-Calorie Options of Your Favorite Foods

When you’re on a diet if you deprive yourself of the foods that you love, it can sometimes backfire and you will end up binging and eating much more. In order to be successful on a diet you need to identify your weak areas and come up with alternatives. Below you’ll find some great substitutions you can make when you are on a diet.

Everyone Has a Weakness

Dessert is my weakness. I love almost every kind of dessert imaginable, but when I’m on a diet, I cringe at the thought of wasting 800 calories on a fat-laden cannoli or slice of cheesecake. I found a solution that worked for me. I drink a cup or two of hot tea and have just a few small wafer-type cookies that are low in calories. Drinking tea takes a while because you can’t just gulp it down. You need to sit patiently and sip it. I’ve found that tea along with a few cookies works as a great after-dinner treat for me, and I don’t even miss the high-calorie desserts. Plus I get to relax at the same time which can go along way towards curbing cravings.

Find Healthy Alternatives

If ice cream is your weakness, it’s best to look for the options that are low in calories and fat. Sorbet is low in calories (some brands having as low as 90 calories per serving), and it still satisfies that craving many of us have for a frozen treat. Fudge pops are great for chocolate lovers because they are low in fat.

Potato chips are a weakness that many individuals have, and when you’re on a diet, potato chips seem like such a waste of precious calories. Baked potato chips can be a great alternative, but I’ve found that plain air-popped popcorn and a diet soda work great for me as a snack when I watch television at night. Many people love potato chips not for the oily residue left on their hands after they’ve downed a whole bag but because potato chips are crunchy. Popcorn and pretzels can be great substitutes for potato chips lovers who are on a diet because they have a nice satisfying and crunchy texture.

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