Girl Scout Cookies Can Present a Challenge for Dieters

How Many Girl Scout Cookies Have You Eaten This Year?

It’s that time of year again when those of us who are on a diet face one of our greatest challenges- Girl Scout cookies. There is no doubt about it, many of us love and enjoy annual Girl Scout cookies. Being female, I know this is probably true of ladies more so than than it is for the gentlemen. Realize that Girl Scout cookies are not the most low calorie snack food there is. Below you’ll find more information about how you can still enjoy your annual Girl Scout cookies without disrupting your hard work and progress with dieting.

Those Calories Pack a Punch

Girl Scout cookies might be tasty, but they do contain a lot of calories. For some varieties just two cookies can contain 160 calories. I’m sure you probably even know at least a few individuals who can devour an entire box of Girl Scout cookies in just one sitting. I know I’ve done it myself on more than one occasion.

Of all the varieties of Girl Scout cookies, Thin Mints probably have the least amount of calories per serving. They are a light, refreshing cookie that can quickly satisfy a dessert craving. For 160 calories, you can eat four Thin Mints. Pair them with a cup of herbal tea and you’ll have an enjoyable dessert without wasting a lot of calories.

If you do buy more than one box of Girl Scout cookies, keep in mind that you don’t have to eat them all immediately. I’d recommend that you freeze half of each box. Girl Scout cookies can keep in your freezer for many months. How else do you think local ice cream shops offer tasty creations of ice cream and Girl Scout cookies in the middle of the summer?

There is something social about Girl Scout cookies too. You probably can’t find one office in the nation whose break room doesn’t contain a dozen boxes of Girl Scout cookies for sale. If you want to support your coworkers daughters or nieces who sell Girl Scout cookies, simply buy the cookies and give them to someone you know who loves them. That way you can still participate in the fun but avoid all the calories at the same time.

Buy Now, Eat Later

Another option is to buy your Girl Scout cookies now and eat them later. If you have another month of focused dieting before you anticipate meeting your goal weight, then you can save your favorite Girl Scout cookies for when you have reached your goal weight. The main thing is that if you can’t live without Girl Scout cookies, then don’t even if you’re on a diet. Dieting can be hard work and the rewards are great, but life is too short to deprive yourself of something you truly enjoy even if it that something happens to be high-calorie Girl Scout cookies.

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