Good Diets Include Vegetables

Diets Should Include Vegetables as a Main Focus

I know that different diets work for different people, but I’m not going to lie. I am a big fan of consuming as many fresh vegetables as possible. When you are considering new diets to try, you would be well advised to pick one that relies on vegetable consumption.

Where'd The Veggies Go?

Certain diets such as the Atkin’s Diet and the South Beach Diet limit the quantity of vegetables dieters can eat. If you find success with that sort of diet, that’s great. These diets do work well for certain individuals particularly those dieters who never really liked vegetables that much anyway.

Personally, I find that incorporating a wide variety of vegetables in large quantities is the best approach despite the fact that I’ve tried plenty of diets in my time. For lunch, I stick with a large salad that includes almost every vegetable imaginable. My coworkers even joke about it because my garden salad truly looks like a small garden. I’ll also have a salad with my dinner consisting possibly of just some greens and a few cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and shredded carrots. It’s usually a good idea to stick with a vinaigrette dressing since most salad dressings have a lot of calories.

Great Afternoon Snacks

I also opt for vegetables as my afternoon snack too. When my coworkers who aren’t on diets are chowing down on vending machine candy bars and potato chips, I eat a small bag of baby carrots. I know what you’re thinking, it sounds awfully boring. What about cravings? I’ll let you in on a little secret. You actually crave what you eat. When you get used to eating fresh vegetables, you’ll actually end up craving them. It takes some time to adjust, but it will inevitably happen. It has something to do with the familiarity of the food. When you eat a lot of vegetables, you will start to prefer them.

Diets can be helpful for losing those initial ten or twenty pounds, but ultimately lifestyle and diet changes such as eating more vegetables will help you maintain that weight loss in the long run.

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