How to Maintain Your Diet after Halloween

Boy, Can It Be Difficult to Maintain Your Diet after Trick-or-Treating

Do you think it is harder to maintain your diet in certain months than it is in others? I’ve found from experience that October is a difficult month to maintain your diet. Maybe it has to do with the trick-or-treating, the candy you bought before Halloween, the candy you have left over from Halloween and the candy you just couldn’t pass up because it was on clearance after Halloween. Heaven help us.

Invasion of the Candy Snatchers

If you have children who went trick or treating earlier this week, your kitchen might be crowded with Halloween candy right now. Even if you don’t have kids, if you celebrate Halloween you probably have more leftover candy than you know what to do with. It can be hard to maintain your diet when there is the tasty temptation of Halloween treats to throw you off course. You should definitely make plans for all of that Halloween candy that has accumulated so that you can maintain your diet and not compromise your weight loss goals.

Put a Plan In Action

There are a few things you can with all that leftover Halloween candy. Having a plan to deal with the leftover candy can be your safest bet to maintain your diet. If you enjoy eating Halloween candy, you should save some of the candy. Have just one or two small pieces each day. If you deprive yourself of it entirely, you might binge on the whole bag. Take the leftover candy to work and put it in your lunchroom. There are probably a few coworkers who aren’t trying to maintain a diet right now, and they might enjoy it.

You could always freeze chocolate candy and have it any time you wish. It can keep in your refrigerator for months, and a frozen candy bar takes longer and is more difficult to eat. If you eat your candy bars frozen, you will definitely eat less and be able to maintain your diet more easily.

Give away leftover Halloween candy that you don’t want. If you really have no desire to eat the extra candy, it’s best not to hang onto it. Next, year simply purchase less candy or go to fewer houses when trick or treating. You will end up eating the candy just because it is staring you in the face, and you won’t be able to maintain your diet with that kind of temptation.

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