How Will Dieters Be Affected by a Ban on Trans Fats in Restaurants?

Proposed Ban Will Affect Restaurant Owners More Than Dieters

A lot of recent headlines that are of importance to dieters have been occurring in New York. The New York Board of Health recently put forth a proposal to ban restaurants from selling foods containing trans fats. Undoubtedly, dieters and the all consumers have strong opinions on both sides of this issue.

Getting Rid of Bad Fats

Trans fats are often referred to as the “bad fats.” Trans fats occur in many foods we eat including fried foods and packaged cookies and other snacks. The American Heart Association recommends that all Americans limit their intake of trans fats due to their association with heart disease. Heart disease is the #1 killer in our nation, and the American diet is one major contributor to heart disease.

No Decision Yet

It isn’t likely that the proposal to ban trans fats in New York will be decided until December at least. The proposal would ban restaurants from making and serving foods that contain anything but a small amount of trans fats. Many fried foods are cooked in oils that contain trans fats, and these are usually the types of food dieters avoid anyway. Many restaurant owners fear such a ban will hurt business.

The Devil We Know or the Devil We Don't?

The American Heart Association actually fears that whatever is used as a substitute for trans fats might be far worse. Olestra is a substitute that is used in snacks such as potato chips, but it can cause gastrointestinal upset and diarrhea in some individuals. Another concern is that the eventual substitute for trans fats would be a newer product whose side effects we aren’t as well aware of yet. New York residents are waiting eagerly for the outcome of this proposal as are both restaurant owners and dieters.

Just Do It Yourself

The easiest way to limit consumption of trans fats is to reduce your intake of prepackaged foods and fried food items. Trans fats are certainly calorie-laden foods so many dieters usually consume such foods sparingly anyway. For many Americans who overindulge regularly, banning trans fats is really not going to improve their diet anyway. Dieters have the ability to sort through conflicting information about nutrition, and they also have the ability to find the healthiest options on any menu. Dieters will likely be the least affected group if the trans fat ban is successful.

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