Is Dieting on the Decline?

Why Don't Americans and Dieting Seem to Gel?

The diet industry is a multi billion dollar industry, and many of us have spent a lot of money with our dieting efforts. Americans are probably more obsessed with dieting than any other culture or nation. Despite this, more recently Americans are dieting less according to a new study that is making headlines throughout the country.

A Downward Trend?

NPD Group is a research firm that recently published a study that indicates less Americans are dieting this year compared to fifteen years ago. Americans are more overweight than ever, and the number who are obese is also increasing, yet many Americans aren’t dieting. That might be positive news, though. There are many of us who need to lose a few pounds, but it’s not a good idea to put our health and happiness at risk to accomplish that.

What Does Dieting Accomplish?

Dieting sometimes is only a temporary solution to a problem. Almost any of us can go on a diet and lose the weight we want too. Yet, how many of us keep that weight off? Dieting can help us achieve a lower weight on the scale for a temporary period of time, but we don’t always keep that weight off. Changing our complete outlook and approach can help. Making lifestyle changes that are more permanent can help use achieve and maintain are weight loss goals.

Analyzing Results, Re-evaluating Approach

The fact that less Americans are dieting this year probably simply means that the Americans who have dieted are displeased with the results of their efforts and have decided to give themselves a break. Not being satisfied can really decrease motivation to diet. Eventually, though, I think the numbers will come back up. Those individuals who were polled did express an interest in losing weight. Sometimes you might just need a break from dieting. When you give yourself time to not be obsessed with weight loss, eventually in time you can revisit your dieting and fitness goals and find a more productive way to achieve them.

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