Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Diet

The Track Your Diet Tool Can Keep You Organized and on Task

New Year’s is quickly approaching, and if you’ve made a resolution to begin a diet on January 1st, then you might find the following information helpful. Sticking with a diet can be difficult. Sure, you will crave certain foods and might dread going to social gatherings where you will be tempted by all the foods there, but ultimately not being able to keep track of what you’ve eaten can be your biggest downfall. If you want to stick with your diet long after the New Year is underway, then you might want to try the tips below.

Are You Underestimating Your Caloric Intake?

Track Your Diet is a great website that can help you stay on your diet by simplifying the way you calculate the foods you consume. You really have to read labels. There is no way around it. If you never looked at a label, you would probably drastically underestimate just how many calories the food you eat contains.

Membership Not Required

You don’t even have to sign up for a membership for Track Your Diet to be of value to you. Perhaps, you already have a software diet loaded onto your computer at home, but you are at work and want to figure out how many calories are in your lunch. You can look up nutritional information for foods from many different categories including baked products, cereal, grains, and pasta, dairy and egg products, meals, entrees, and sidedishes, and vegetables and vegetable products. To make it even easier, they’ve also included categories for many name brand products including Aunt Jemima, Ben & Jerry’s, Campbell’s, Pepperidge Farm, and SnackWell’s.

Membership Does Have Its Benefits

Track Your Diet offers two levels of memberships, a Level 1 and a Level 2 membership. A Level 1 membership is free and can be a great way for you to test out this website to determine if it would help you with your dieting efforts. A Level 2 membership has either monthly or yearly memberships available and many more features than the free membership. Check out Track Your Diet if you think your diet would be more successful with this added bit of organization.

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