Locating Lower Food Options Lower in Calories

Calories are Often Underestimated by Many Dieters

When you’re on a diet sometimes the food options lower in calories can be a saving grace. The problem is many consumers have difficulty recognizing the lower calorie food options of many common foods they eat. If you have trouble locating healthier food options with fewer calories, read more below.

Yummy Yogurt

Take yogurt for example. If you eat an eight ounce container of regular yogurt, you will be getting about 260 calories. If you substitute the fat free, lower calorie version, you can still eat eight ounces but only use up 130 of your daily calories. The same holds true for skim milk, which has fewer calories than whole milk. The advantage of eating the options that have fewer calories is that you will not be eating up too many calories on a single snack, and you can distribute your remaining calories throughout the rest of the day. For many individuals maintaining this balance is critical to their dieting success. Spacing your calories out over all your meals is necessary to curb your cravings and make the most of your allotted calories.

Watch Those Labels

It is important to keep a close eye on the nutritional label of foods you are eating. Many consumers simply underestimate how many calories they’ve consumed even when they do read the label on the back of the package. The nutritional label will list the number of calories per serving, but there can be more than one serving in a package even if the item is simply an individual serving size. Check the back of labels in your pantry. You’ll be surprised to see that many labels of foods that look like individual-servings actually have two servings per container. Misreading nutritional labels is a common mistake that many dieters make, and knowing how to read labels can save you from wasting too many calories and gaining weight.

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