Making the Right Choices at Fast Food Places

Are There Healthy Options on the Fast Food Menu?

We all love to condemn fast food, saying how unhealthy and even disgusting it is. However the simple fact is that some days can be so busy, that if it weren’t for fast food we wouldn’t be eating at all. If you absolutely have to eat fast food for some reason when you are on a diet, the following tips can help you make healthier choices at the fast food counter.

Fresh and Fiberous

Many major fast food restaurants have salad options on their menus. Salads can be a great choice when you’re on the go, and they are definitely one of the healthier options on fast food menus. With salads, you need to avoid the high calorie additions such as bacon bits, fried croutons, and high fat salad dressing.

McDonalds offers the delicious fruit and walnut salad on their fast food menus, and this is a great way to incorporate fiber into your diet because of the delicious varieties of apples this salad contains.

An Alternative to Salad

If you not a salad lover, then you should look for soups on the fast food menus. Soups are easy to digest and have usually have a modest amount of calories. However, not all soups are low in fat.

When choosing a soup, the broth base typically determines the overall calorie content of the soup. Look for vegetable based or poultry based broths, such as chicken or turkey. Avoid the beef based broths since they contain much higher fat content. Also, you want to avoid creamy soups because these soups are usually loaded with whole milk and cream.

Beverages Have Calories Too

You might be wondering about beverage options at fast food restaurants. Avoid soft drinks due to all the sugar they contain. Instead, drink diet sodas or bottled water. For a hot beverage, coffee or tea provides a low-calorie solution. Coffee at fast food restaurants should be enjoyed black or with a small amount of cream or sugar.

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