Mind Over Matter: Can Hypnotherapy Help You Lose Weight?

Surprising Facts Regarding Weight Loss and Hypnotherapy

Mind over matter… It’s a common saying and many people believe it to be true. There’s no denying that the power of the subconscious mind is phenomenal. But can hypnotherapy really help you lose weight? The answer may surprise you.

The Results of a Recent Study

A recent U.K. study indicates that weight loss really can be achieved through hypnotherapy. Eight clinically obese patients who had failed to respond to conventional weight loss methods underwent hypnotherapy treatment. Many cynics were surprised when every single one of those patients lost weight.

The amount of weight lost by these patients ranged from 3-percent of their BMI to a whopping 17-percent BMI reduction. But that’s not the only impressing information the study has to offer.

Two years after the patients had undergone the hypnotherapy treatment, the researchers followed up with them. Six of the eight patients still weighed less than they did before the hypnotherapy treatment was given.

Seeking Out Hypnotherapy Treatment

While hypnotherapy treatment may indeed be effective, it can also be very costly. Some hypnotherapy treatments can cost hundreds of dollars. If you’re serious about losing weight and you think hypnotherapy may be able to help you, you are better off purchasing a hypnotherapy program you can use in your home. It will be more cost effective and it may actually work better since you’ll be comfortable in your home and you can perform the treatment wherever and whenever you want.

If you’re considering hypnotherapy, I’d suggest visiting Hypnoshop.com, a hypnotherapy website. It offers weight loss hypnotherapy treatments as well as other hypnotherapy treatments that may be of benefit to you.


Wow, that's good information to hear. As I was starting to make it through this posting, I thought it was reading like the typical "urban legends" bebunking articles that are written in Scambusters.org newsletters. I thought you would say hypnotherapy for losing weight is a bunch of baloney.

Hmmmm... maybe I'll try...

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