Supermodel Dieting Secrets

What Does Gisele Bundchen Say When it Comes to Dieting?

Many Americans will make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight in just a few weeks, and as a result they will be looking for dieting tips to help them reach that goal. A well-known supermodel recently admitted her dieting secret. Want to know what it is? Read on...

Gisele's Secret

I’ve seen headlines on many online articles when supermodel Gisele Bundchen admitted that she loves meat and even eats fast food. This isn’t the first time, though, that I’ve read about a supermodel boasting that she can “eat anything and not gain weight.” These recent headlines will cause many of us to reevaluate the unfair stereotype that supermodels are anorexic, considering the concept of dieting seems so foreign to Gisele Bundchen.

If you’re serious about dieting and losing weight, you might be curious to consider what impact Bundchen’s admission will have on impressionable dieters. My guess is a lot. Many dieters look to celebrities and other well known people for weight loss information. If we see someone with a good figure, we yearn to know what that person eats.

Females who are dieting might see Bundchen’s figure and think that if they follow a similar diet, they might also lose the weight they desire. However, Bundchen did admit that she is super active, and that is quite likely the reason that she can eat whatever she wants to without fear of destroying her figure. For sedentary Americans, eating a lot of meat will lead to weight gain. Meat is high in both calories and saturated fat. If you aren’t getting a lot of physical activity, you will not readily burn off those extra calories.

Bundchen’s approach to dieting might impact demand for Atkin’s products, a popular diet which relies on meat as a central component. Since she eats meat, many dieters will also be eager to try meat-based diets.

If you have tried many diets and have failed, you might want to consider putting a greater emphasis on exercise as Bundchen does. Dieting can help achieve temporary weight loss, but you definitely will want to keep the weight off after you successfully lose it and that is why exercise is so important.

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