The Benefits of Cross-Training

Discover How Cross-Training Can Keep You on Track

Cross-training is a great way to vary your exercise routine and reach all your diet and fitness goals. One of the biggest mistakes that novice gym-goers make is to stick to the same routine week after week, month after month. Perhaps they haven’t exercised in years. They try something out such as low-impact aerobics, eventually mastering it. So they continue to do it even when it becomes very easy for them.

Eliminate Injuries

Another benefit of cross-training is that it can help eliminate injuries. When you do varied fitness activities, you will use different muscles for each activity. This helps to reduce injury from overtraining.

Make sure you incorporate both aerobic activity and anaerobic activity into your workouts. You don’t have to do them both on the same day, but you can’t avoid one or the other. It is not a good idea to only do aerobic activity and neglect resistance training such as weightlifting which can help you build bone density. Likewise, if you only do anaerobic activity you will deprive your body of the important cardiovascular activity that is necessary for a healthy heart. Men are at greater risk for not getting enough cardiovascular activity. They often want to “bulk up” and spend all their time lifting weights.

Add Some Fun to The Mix

Don’t forget to include a really fun physical activity into your fitness pursuits. For some individuals that fun can come in the form of a yoga or Pilates class. For other individuals a Salsa or Tango class might be in order. Most importantly, cross-training should be fun.

Inside and Out

Another way to incorporate cross-training into your life is to do both indoor and outdoor activities. You can go to the gym to run on the treadmill or take an aerobics class, but then head outside when the weather permits, to walk, run, hike, or cycle. Making sure you have enough variety in your fitness routine by cross-training ensures that you will not stop exercising due to boredom.

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