The Diet Dilemma and Valentine’s Day

Can You Enjoy Valentine’s Day When You’re on a Diet?

When you’re on a diet you probably cringe at the thought of celebrating certain holidays. Valentine’s Day is one such holiday that makes many women accept the fact that perhaps pants with an elastic waistband aren’t so bad after all. Even though you’re on a diet and Valentine’s Day is on our heels doesn’t mean you will have a miserable February 14th this year.

You Don't Have to Suffer On Valentine's Day

There are some great options to celebrating Valentine’s Day that involve great culinary options but won’t wreck your diet efforts. Not all candy is created equal, just ask Cupid. There are candy options available that are lower in calories and a better option for individuals on a diet. Dark chocolate is one example. If you stick with a high quality chocolate brand, you can get a chocolate bar mostly consisting of cocoa and a little sugar as opposed to a candy bar filled with milk and additives and high in calories. You can also indulge in your favorite chocolate brand regardless of how many calories it has as long as you make that your only splurge that week.

Low-Cal Valentine's Gift

If you’re looking for food-related gifts for this Valentine’s Day, tea makes a great choice. Look for an herbal tea with some flavor that reminds you of the red associated with Valentine’s Day such as raspberry-flavored or strawberry-flavored tea. There are many gourmet teas on the market, and remember that most teas have no calories so they are perfect for those of us who are on a diet. Expensive tea can be just as enjoyable and indulgent as a high-calorie dessert, so choose the no-calorie option when you’re on a diet.

If you know you are going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day then make sure you eat a light breakfast and lunch that day. You can’t expect to maintain progress with your diet if you splurge on all three meals on Valentine’s Day.

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