The Diet Pill Accomplia is Now Available in Mexico

Check with Your Doctor before Taking a Diet Pill

The long-anticipated availability of a diet pill called Acomplia has finally arrived. Acomplia is the trade name for rimonabant. Mexico just approved this diet pill for sale. If you’re thinking about jumping on the Acomplia bandwagon, you may want to think twice.

If It’s Available in Mexico, Americans Will Get It

Now that Acomplia is available in Mexico, many Americans will have access to this diet pill. Acomplia is currently under FDA review and might be available in the U.S. within the upcoming year. Keep in mind, though, that there is always a danger in taking a diet pill that your doctor didn’t prescribe. If you are eager to try a diet pill that is available over-the-counter or on the internet, you definitely need to inform your doctor about what you are taking, particularly if you are already on prescription medication for other medical conditions.

A Quick Fix

Many dieters turn to diet pills in an effort to facilitate their weight loss. Diet pills should really not be used as a substitute for sensible dieting and exercise. If you find that you cannot lose weight with dieting and exercise alone, then you need to have a discussion with your doctor to determine if you would benefit from any prescription diet pills. You should not take a diet pill at the beginning of your weight loss attempts. It is always best to make a genuine effort to lose weight through dieting and exercise rather than depending on a diet pill.

An Unnecessary Risk

Taking a diet pill does not come without potential health consequences. It is hard to determine the exact side effects of over-the-counter diet pills since they are not FDA approved. Any time you take a diet pill you can potentially experience undesirable side effects. Sometimes the side effects can be minor such as diarrhea, sweating, or nausea. Sometimes the side effects can be more severe such as heart palpitations or breathing disturbances.

If your doctor thinks that you are a candidate for medication, he can prescribe a diet pill that he or she thinks will be a good match for you. Consult your physician any time you are considering taking a diet pill. Avoid the diet pill Acomplia until it has passed FDA approval and becomes available in the U.S.

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