The Diet the Flintstones Would Love

What Can the Stone Age Teach Us about Improving our Diet?

If you’re planning on starting a diet, you might want to take some advice from the book titled “Health Secrets of the Stone Age” written by Dr. Phil Goscienski. The title probably sounds somewhat peculiar to most modern-day dieters used to. Anyone who needs some diet advice might benefit from a bit of Stone Age wisdom. If you plan to start a diet soon and are a former Flintstones fan, you might find the following information beneficial.

What's Causing Diabetes?

Goscienski blames baked goods and other products containing highly refined grain products such as white flour as a culprit in the diabetes epidemic. Other scientists agree. This line of reasoning makes perfect sense to whole foods adherents. Eating foods in a different state than how they appear in nature can have significant health consequences. Does that mean you are destined to never eating a blueberry muffin again? Hardly, but you can eliminate refined foods when you are on a diet, and once you reach your weight loss goals you can slowly reintroduce them. You can have that blueberry muffin, but you just can’t have it every day. That seems like a good compromise that will allow you to take advantage of Goscienski’s research but also not feel deprived of foods you love and grew up on.

Not All Grains Are Good

It is important to eat whole grains rather than refined grains. Processed foods such as flour cause a spike in insulin levels. Repeatedly having such a spike in insulin levels throughout your lifetime can increase your risk of diabetes. Goscienski claims that humans during the Stone Age didn’t suffer from diseases that are very prevalent nowadays, and that is entirely the result of our modern-day diet and eating foods that are only a few centuries old.

Getting Wholesome Whole Grains

There are some easy ways to incorporate whole grains into your diet. Millet is an ancient grain and makes a hardy dish when paired with beans and a vegetable such as broccoli. You can usually find millet at natural food stores. Opt for breads that are made from sprouted grains not from processed flour. Whole grain breads are usually found in the frozen section of natural food stores. Try eating brown rice and foods such as quinoa and couscous, all available at a whole foods store.

The above tips can help you be successful with your diet. You just might discover that you feel so good from the above diet suggestions that you might have discovered some new long-term eating habits.

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