Tips for Bread Lovers on a Diet

Does Your Diet Need to Exclude Bread?

Being on a diet doesn’t mean you have to give up all bread, but you should opt for healthier choices. There are so many bread options available at the supermarket, how do you tell the good from the bad? We’ve got some tips to help you decide.

Wholesome Whole Grain

Most physicians and diet experts recommend that you stay away from eating too much white flour especially when you are on a diet. White flour, which is an ingredient in many supermarket breads, is loaded with carbs, and white flour also causes a surge in blood glucose levels.

White bread may taste good, but it’s not too good for you. Because of the glucose effects, you’ll experience a sharp increase in energy levels, and then a huge drop. You may also be very hungry again not too long after eating white bread.

Whole grain breads, on the other hand, are very healthy for you. If you eat hearty bread filled with whole grains, you will definitely feel more satisfied, and you will get the most out of the calories you consume.

Color Is Not an Indicator

When you’re on a diet don’t get fooled by the color of the bread. It’s a bad idea to buy bread based on its color. Just because bread is brown doesn’t mean it contains whole grains.

Some breads are colored with food colorings to make them look healthier. It is very important to read the labels before purchasing. Take a look to see what the very first ingredient listed is. This will give you a clue about how healthy the bread is.

Also, stay away from breads with very long ingredient lists. Generally, the more ingredients in a food item, the less healthy it is.

Sprouted Grains Bread

You might consider purchasing breads made from sprouted grains. You can usually find breads made from sprouted grains such as the Food for Life brand in the frozen section of natural food stores.

Sprouted grain breads do cost a bit more, but they don’t contain any flour, which is a moderately processed food. When you’re on a diet, breads made from sprouted grains can give you more mileage for the calories.

For Those Who Have To Deal…

If, due to budget constraints, you can only purchase an inexpensive mainstream loaf of bread at the supermarket, make sure you limit how much of it you consume each day. Don’t go overboard, especially when you’re trying to maintain your dieting efforts.

Another option is to bake your own bread. This is more cost effective, and you can make a fresh loaf with healthy ingredients that you select. Homemade bread provides individuals on a diet with a good compromise between cost and quality.

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