Weight Loss and a Raw Food Diet

Why Not Try a Raw Food Diet To Help Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals?

If you’re looking for a highly-effective weight loss program, you might want to try following a raw food diet. Although a raw food diet is actually a lifestyle choice for many individuals, many dieters are also tempted to try a raw food diet because of its potential for weight loss assistance. But is a raw food diet healthy, and how much weight can you really lose by implementing one?

Can Cooked Food Be Considered Natural?

Interestingly, out of all the species on our planet Earth, only humans cook their food. Proponents of a raw food diets insist that cooking food severely depletes the food’s nutrient content. When all or most of the foods you eat are raw, you end up consuming fewer calories than you do when you eat cooked and/or processed foods and you get more nutrients to boot.

Humans crave fresh food that is uncooked. Processed, packaged foods leave us longing for more food and whatever nutrients we are missing. When we overeat, we are searching for something fresh whether or not we are aware of it. When you follow a raw food diet, you can be sure that you are getting nutrient-dense foods with every bite you eat and after a short bit of time, your cravings actually disappear. This tends to curb overeating, which helps keep your caloric intake within a reasonable limit.

Not Everyone Can Jump Right In

If you are a picky eater and don’t like too many vegetables to begin with, transitioning to a raw food diet might be difficult for you. You should try to ease into it instead of jumping into it with both feet. Gradually increase the amount of raw foods that you eat each week. Eventually, aim to get about 50-60% of your diet from raw foods.

Raw Isn’t Boring

There are many interesting ways to prepare raw foods, so don’t think that if you want to try a raw food diet you are limited to unpeeled apples and raw carrots. You can make “spaghetti” out of spaghetti squash and you can make muesli for breakfast. An internet search will turn up dozens of tasty, healthy raw food recipes.

A raw foods diet can provide a great boost to kick start your weight loss. If you have no desire to try a raw food diet long term, try eating raw just one or two days a week. You are likely to be pleased with the health benefits and weight loss following a raw foods diet will result in -- even if it’s just three or four days a week.

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