Weight Loss and Gym Memberships

When Won’t Your Monthly Gym Membership Result in Weight Loss?

You might have joined a gym like so many other Americans do in January in hopes of realizing their weight loss goals. Fitness facilities usually enjoy an increase in membership following the New Year. It’s a great time to join a gym. Consumers are highly motivated to fulfill their New Year’s resolution for weight loss, and the winter weather usually makes outdoor exercise difficult. If your one of the countless Americans who joined a gym to achieve weight loss, you will find the following tips helpful in enabling you to meet those goals.

Losing Weight or Losing Money?

Your gym membership is pointless if you never go to the gym. Unfortunately, that is what happens to so many Americans who started out the year with high hopes. They go almost religiously in January and part of February. Then their gym attendance drops off. They continue to pay their monthly gym membership to avoid the cancellation fee or because they sincerely hope doing so will get them motivated to go back to the gym. A gym membership only helps you achieve weight loss if you actually go to the gym.

Plan a Schedule

Determine how often you want to go to the gym. If you want to go four days at minimum, then look at your schedule to see where it would be convenient. Do you usually take a long lunch on Thursday to run errands? Perhaps, you can do some of your shopping online and go to the gym instead. Many gyms have long hours to accommodate busy lifestyles. If you planned to go to the gym on Monday but were too busy all day, then go at 9 o’clock at night. It’s usually not a good idea to exercise to close to bedtime, but if that is the only time you can squeeze in then go for it. If you get to the gym as often as you promised yourself you would, weight loss should soon follow.

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