Weight Loss and Injury Prevention

Avoiding Injury Can Help You Continue with Your Weight Loss Goals

Once individuals make weight loss a priority, they usually give a high priority to exercising more. It’s important to exercise not only for weight loss but also for cardiovascular health. However, there are some important things to keep in mind when it comes to exercising. Weight loss can be a benefit of increased physical activity, however, it’s only beneficial if you learn how to prevent and reduce your risk of injury.

Before or After?

There was a time when almost all fitness experts stressed the need to warm up muscles by stretching prior to beginning any physical activity. This bit of advice is no longer common practice. Most fitness experts now recommend that you stretch after you workout, not before. The danger of stretching before a workout is that you can tear the connective tissue around your tendons. These types of tears, unfortunately, don’t heal all that quickly. The proper way to warm up is to perform whatever activity you are planning to do at a slower pace for about five minutes. If you plan to run, you can walk fast as a warm up before progressing to a full-out run. Achieving weight loss should not be a higher priority then reducing injury.

Avoiding Setbacks is Critical

The above advice is very important to practice. If you injure yourself, you aren’t going to be able to work out. You will need to forgo working out until your injuries heal. This can be a real setback to your weight loss plans. Once you do recover, the risk of re-injury is greater. Scar tissue makes you more prone to injury in the future. Your muscles or tendons will never be quite as good as they were before injury. When you exercise, your foremost concern should be to avoid injury. If you’re injured, you can’t exercise which will completely defeat your weight loss goal and the real reason you were exercising in the first place.

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