What Vegetables, Fruits, Your Diet and Your Health Have In Common

Eating a Diet Rich in Fruits and Vegetables is Best for Weight Loss and Your Health

In our image-obsessed culture we tend to focus on the aspects of our diet that make us look better such as weight loss and a decreasing waist line. However, it’s definitely important to take into consideration the beneficial aspects that diet can have on our immune system and susceptibility to illness. There are tremendous advantages of having a strong immune system, and it makes sense to have a diet that will contribute to our increased health and well-being.

Eat It Raw

Hands down, raw fruits and vegetables are two of the healthiest types of food we can incorporate into our diets. Even when the fruits and vegetables are not organic, the benefits usually outweigh the risk of pesticide exposure. Pesticides are only applied early in the food cycle process. Therefore, in the last couple of months, farmers will grow fruit without the use of pesticides. Simply wash all conventional produce thoroughly before consuming.

There's Something To It...

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” That phrase is such a common saying, and many people consider it a wives’ tale. It turns out that the saying is actually true. Apple skin contains pectin which ferments in the stomach and offers a protective quality against cancer. Apples actually keep both doctors and dentists away. Although not a complete substitute for dental hygiene, apples clean the teeth and gums. Apples are high in fiber, and there are plenty other fruits and vegetables that also contain a lot of fiber. A diet high in fiber has many health advantages. One of these advantages is regular bowel movements. Regular bowel movements are great for cleansing toxins from your body and boosting your immune system. Also, high fiber diets have long been known to prevent certain forms of cancer.

Fruits and Veggies Are Not Your Enemies

In our carb-counting culture, many dieters think of any food that is not high in protein to be high in carbs. This makes no logical sense and is completely false. Do not overlook fruits and vegetables in your diet. Otherwise, your immune system will not be operating on all cylinders. Consuming a healthy diet will aid with your weight loss but more importantly keep you healthy.

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