What Weight Watchers and Diet Failure Have In Common

Why Some Dieters Fail Miserably On The Weight Watchers program

Weight Watchers is a very popular diet program for men and women everywhere. Unfortunately, not all dieters are successful with the Weight Watchers program. While some people may blame Weight Watchers for their diet failures, the blame may lie elsewhere. Understanding why some weight loss programs fail while others succeed is sometimes a matter of looking at ones self.

Follow-Through Is Critical

If you’re going to spend the fees associated with joining Weight Watchers, you will certainly want to get your money’s worth. It seems the most common reason Weight Watchers doesn’t work for some individuals is because the individuals fail to properly track the foods that they eat and don’t take advantage of all the support the Weight Watchers program offers.

Weight Watchers uses a points system that assigns a point value to each food based on the food’s calorie and fat content. An individual is allotted a certain number of points each day based on their weight and gender. If the individual goes over that amount repeatedly, he or she is likely not going to lose any weight.

Diligence is Key

Many individuals on Weight Watchers fail to write down the foods they eat each day. Instead, they rely on their memory to keep track of what they eat each day. Unfortunately, that can be a recipe for disaster. With the busy lives many of us lead, it can be very easy to forget that morning snack or doughnut at work. If you want to succeed with Weight Watchers, you definitely will have to write down every food you eat.

Some foods on the Weight Watchers, such as certain vegetables, have no points if you eat just one cup. Two cups or more might be worth one point. Many individuals misunderstand this and think that an unlimited amount of these items can be consumed. Refer to your program materials or ask a representative if you are confused about how to calculate a food’s point value.

Another reason people fail at Weight Watchers is because they underestimate the amount of points they eat. They eyeball a plate of pasta and estimate the number of points it contains to be as many as four or five points too little. Repeatedly underestimating the points for all the foods you eat will deter weight loss because it leads to overeating.

If you are on the Weight Watchers program, it is important to record every single food you eat. You also need to properly calculate the point values of the foods you eat. The first few times you eat a food, you should manually calculate the points to familiarize yourself with the process and to catch any mistakes you might have made. If it is a food you eat often, eventually you will remember the points it is worth.

Dieting can take more than just willpower and commitment, it can take planning and accurate record keeping too. If you are serious about making the Weight Watchers diet work for you, don’t cut corners and track everything you eat. This will ensure you have success with the Weight Watchers program.

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