What You Need To Know About Health Food

So Who Exactly Put The “Health” In These Health Foods

You’re at the grocery store and your cart is chock-full of health food. You’re pretty proud of yourself. You’ve thrown all of the junk food out of the fridge and the cupboards and you’re on your way to significant weight loss. There’s just one problem... Half of that “health” food there in your cart, isn’t healthy at all.

Oh The Tangled Webs We Weave...

Health food is good for you, but some health food is bad for you, but some foods that were bad for you are actually good for you and many of the foods that were bad for you are still bad for you. Are you confused yet? You should be, and that’s just how the “health” food manufacturers would like to keep you.

So what’s the real deal?

Read More Than The Name On The Label

Lesson one – if a label says diet this or health that, don’t believe it till you see it. This means making sure you actually read the ingredients on the food labels. There are no regulations as to which foods can be called diet and which ones can’t. If I wanted to, I could take pure cane sugar and label it as “diet sugar” and no one would be able to do a thing about it.

Common Deceptions

Here are some of the most common “health” foods that aren’t really healthy after all.

Fast Food Salads: You and your family are in a rush so you grab some fast food on the go. You’re a good soldier and you order the salad since you’re currently fighting the pounds. Well, ordering a salad really didn’t do you any good since the majority of fast food salad products are jam-packed with fat and sodium. In fact, a certain fast food chain has a salad on their menu that has as much fat as a hamburger and twice the sodium. You’d be better off getting the burger.

Here are some other “healthy” foods that you need to look into before buying:

Fruit Juice (if it’s not 100-percent juice, don’t buy it), fat-free or sugar-free cookies, energy bars, high-fat or high-calorie yogurt and “light” ice cream.


I am not a wiz at computerease,I tried to find my url to no avail.please excuse the omission.
there are two maine ingredients to look out for in food.Artificial sweetner and soy producs,both are damaging to your health.
Regards, Nick/

(Re: Nick's comment.) What? I thought soy was supposed to be good for you. That just goes to "show me..." Sigh. I think I'll just eat.

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