Why One Meal A Day Won’t Cut It

You Need To Eat At Least Three Meals A Day

“I only eat one meal a day… Why can’t I lose weight? You wouldn’t believe how many times people have asked me this question. My answer to them is a straightforward and honest one. “You can’t lose weight because you’re only eating one meal a day.

The One-Meal-A-Day Mistake

People who think they’ll lose weight eating only one meal a day are almost always disappointed. It rarely works out.

When a person eats only one meal a day, a few different things occur. First, even though they’re eating only one meal a day, they often snack during the day, sometimes without even realizing it. Walk by a bowl of chocolates and take a one. Pass a bag of chips and grab a few. A couple of chips here, a chocolate or two there, and it all starts to add up.

Another thing to consider is this… When you eat only one meal a day, you tend to eat more during that meal. Because of this, you’re really not restricting your calories as much as you think you are. Add that to the fact that your metabolism may actually slow down if you only eat once a day and you quickly begin to understand why the one-meal-a-day folks just can’t seem to take the weight off.

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