Your Diet and Swimsuit Season

Start a Diet and Fitness Routine Now for This Summer’s Beach Season

If you want to look your best for beach season, now is the time to start planning by making diet and fitness goals. Starting the diet process now can make you less anxious and stressed out once Memorial Day approaches.

Let's Be Realistic

It’s important to be realistic when you start a new diet. Weight loss does not always come as quickly or easy as we would like. There is going to be an upper limit on the amount of weight you can expect to lose by May or June. Work hard towards that goal, but make sure you don’t compromise yourself in the process. That means no binge dieting.

Exercise Needs To Play Its Part

In addition to picking up a diet plan, devise an fitness routine too. Make sure you aim for four to five days of aerobic activity per week. Each session should last at least thirty minutes. In addition to aerobic activity, try to incorporate some resistance activity such as weightlifting into your fitness routine. Weightlifting is great because it allows you to burn calories while you are at rest. In addition to having a well-defined fitness routine that you stick to, you should also look to incorporate more activity into your daily life.

Total Deprivation Is Not Necessary

Sometimes the diets that are most successful are the ones that allow dieters to have a treat once in a while. Pick one day a week for you to have dessert or something else you really love like ice cream. If you abstain entirely from foods you really love and enjoy, it will be a lonely and possibly miserable several months until summertime.

Enlist the help of a diet partner or even a personal trainer if you can afford it. Either of these options will increase your chances for success.

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